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   Corsets Leather> Leather Corsets and Cinchers
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 The Classic Cinch  645
 Tightly Tailored Cinch
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 $214.95 $214.95
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  Detailed Description
Nothing's better than a classic. Smooth, clean, and crisp will describe the Classic Cinch in just 3 words. This classic waist cincher is simplistic in design, yet has enough sparks to light anyone’s fire. The Classic Cinch Corset has a hidden zipper to give a seamless front and can be worn for any occasion. Wear it over your shirt or dress, or be bold and combine it only with one of our leather bras. No matter how you accessorize, this cinch is truly a classic. Have two favorite colors you want on your cincher? Call one of our retail store sales associates to place your order!

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